Prevention of braking on 1st raised axle

here is an accessory intended to prevent braking when the 1st axle is raised. This valve has the function of stopping the breaking signal in order to prevent the wear of the tyre when the [...]

Continuous improvement

We are letting you know that we have improved the installation of the reinforcement braces of the aluminium landing leg and of the chassis with swan neck. From now, all our vehicles with the landing [...]

Body interior tarp system

A tarp system inside the bodies has been developed to facilitate the unloading operation.

Greater durability!

A new method for fitting the vinyl on the panel vehicles is going to be used, with the aim of increasing the durability of the labels, both Tisvol's and the customer's. From now, a cut [...]

Fire-retardant tarp

We are letting you know that we have extended the range of colours available for the fire-retardant tarp, if you remember it was only available in white. From now, customers can choose between the following [...]

Europoint III FULL LED Light

All vehicles manufactured from September will be fitted with the LEUROPOINT III FULL LED Light as standard. This is an incremental improvement in the finish of our vehicles, which meet the requirements of regulation 48R.06 [...]